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Tiffany plays Emma Wilson in AT&T Hello Lab's Guilty Party, Season 1. 

Guilty Party

Tiffany plays Harper Vince in AT&T Hello Lab's Guilty Party Season 2, The History of Lying. 


Guilty Party 2



School Spirits features a cast full of your favorite social media stars and influencers! The cast is lead by Tiffany Alvord alongside Teala Dunn and Piper Curda.

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Make It a Scary One

7 hand-picked people from around the country join a TV Network Executive on a video conference call, to share their scary stories. But wait til the end ... the scariest story is yet to come !

Starring social media influencers Tiffany Alvord, Queen Star Alien, Elijah Alexander, Alx James, Dion Yorkie, Brittany Crabb, Granny PottyMouth, Manda Leigh, Yazi Cole, Shadde Fessaha, Mariam Marks, Bella Morgan and Leon Q

This anthology style film includes the works of Nick Acosta, Faisal Hashmi, Michael and Mia Tapson, Alex Mathieson and Damon Rikard, Jason Daly, Matt Bloom and James Williams

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Produced by Bryan E. Miller

Composed by Donna Devincenzi

Sung by Tiffany Alvord and Tyler Ward

Featured in School Spirits and available here:



"I'll Be There For You"

Produced by Sensory Overload Music

Sung by Tiffany Alvord and Casey Breeves

Video by Kurt Schneider

Featured in School Spirits and available here:




Produced by Thomas Costanza

Composed by Tiffany Alvord

Sung by Tiffany Alvord

Featured in School Spirits and available here:



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