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Hello Tiffanatics!


This page is for members of Tiffany's Street Team before she switched to Patreon! The table to the right shows the points that were earned on the Street Team.


You can redeem your points for items in Tiffany's store. Please include your ID and username from the table when you send in your request. When you redeem points, an updated points balance will show here.


The conversion for ordering something from Tiffany's store is:  

Value of Item x 200 = points needed


     Example:  Item price =   $19.95

                                              x 200

                                              3,990 Points


To redeem your points, fill out the form below. Be sure to include your complete name and shipping address.


Once your request is received, you will get the item(s) you requested for free with free shipping!

Thank you! Once your request is verified, your item(s) will be shipped!

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